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Infrared IR thermometer

The accuracy of all measuring instruments will drift over time and without regular calibration it is impossible to be certain that the reading on your instrument meets an acceptable level of accuracy. Periodic calibrations to specified tolerances using recognised procedures are an important part of any quality system.

The full definition can be found within international standard ISO 17025:2015

In simple terms it can be described as 'the comparison of measured values indicated by a device under test with those of a standard or reference of known accuracy'​​

Process Control Instrumentation

Cal Lab

Our traceable (also called TRACE) reports present relevant information in a clear, concise format.

We include the 'as found' and 'as left' results along with correction values where appropriate.

We list details of the certified reference equipment and procedures that were used to achieve traceability of the results. 

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of process control and measuring instruments:

pH meter

"The difference is measurable"

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Digital thermometer

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